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Introducing Reach, the Inclusive Talent Platform designed to connect diverse talent with Inclusive Organisations

Reach is a unique digital platform which supports Inclusive Organisations to attract and build a diverse talent pool and recruit more inclusively. Reach is not a ‘job board’ in the traditional sense, or even a diversity specific job board, it’s much more. Built on Equal Approach’s reputation as one of the UK’s leading inclusive recruiters, Reach attracts candidates from across all diversity strands using our extensive diverse candidate attraction strategy and our network of Inclusive Partners.

Our Aim

Reach by Equal Approach, aims to simplify the recruitment process and make it more inclusive by connecting diverse talent with Inclusive Organisations.

Reach is not about targeting one particular group of people, it is about supporting employers to make their workplaces more inclusive, by recognising the value of inclusion and attracting and recruiting a diverse team with a range of skills, experiences and backgrounds.

Organisations that use Reach as part of their attraction strategy recognise the value of inclusion and understand that diverse teams outperform their competitors in productivity and profit.

Many organisations cite difficulty attracting diverse talent as the leading cause of the lack of diversity within their organisation, and while some sectors and roles have well documented challenges in this area, many organisations do not have programmes in place to attract and recruit diverse candidates.

Employers are adapting to become more inclusive by offering staff benefits such as flexible working, workplace adjustments, staff networks, mentoring and a variety of other options to ensure their staff feel like they belong, are valued and are confident to be themselves.

How it works


Inclusive Organisations can post their roles onto Reach using one of our integration methods.


Reach attracts candidates from across all diversity strands through the multiple channels of our diverse candidate attraction strategy, including our relationships and referrals from our network of Inclusive Partners.


Diverse candidates can explore the job adverts posted on Reach, and can feel confident that organisations are actively looking to attract diverse talent and be more inclusive.


Diverse candidates can review Inclusive Organisations’ showcase pages to find out more about their commitment to diversity and inclusion.


Diverse candidates apply for roles they are interested in, and applications go direct to the employer.


Equal Approach can provide management information surrounding organisations’ roles and applications.

Accessibility By Design

Reach has been developed with accessibility in mind and Equal Approach is committed to remioving barriers from within the recruitment process. If you have any difficulties with any of our services, please contact us.

Respecting your privacy and ensuring GDPR compliance

With GDPR regulations taking affect, Equal Approach has ensured that all of the data that we hold is fully compliant. We take data privacy very seriously, and continually work to better improve the security of all of our platforms.

Ever evolving user experience

Reach uses machine learning to improve its core experience, actively adapting job searches, based on candidate preferences, views and trends. This further helps improve the candidate pool by finding candidates with an active interest in roles.

About equal approach.

Inclusive Talent


We support organisations which value diversity in the workplace and work with them to create a level playing field to attract, recruit, assess and select great candidates from diverse backgrounds. By working with Equal Approach to make the process more inclusive, organisations can increase the representation of diversity in their workforce and ensure they can get the best talent.

Embedding  Inclusion


We support organisations to become more inclusive and enhance their performance across the full employee and employer relationship lifecycle. By focusing on delivering practical programmes with measurement and impact, we strip back the theoretical approach, which allows us to support organisations to recognise the commercial benefits of diversity and inclusion.

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