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PurpleSpace is a small social business with a big mission, to make it easier for employees to navigate the experience of ill health, disability or the experience of an accident or injury, at the same time as flourishing at work.

We do this in three ways:

By having created the world’s only professional development and best practice exchange for employee network and or resource group leaders, allies & champions

By supporting employers to build vibrant disability networks that help employees to bring their authentic selves to work

By helping employers to improve business performance by learning directly from disabled employees

We believe that the only real way for employees and employers to build disability confidence is from the inside out.

That means supporting colleagues to navigate difficult life experiences, helping them to manage the soft bigotry of low expectation and helping them to source and access the workplace adjustments they might need.


It means helping employers to learn about building inclusive cultures directly from their own disabled colleagues.


And it means highlighting and profiling the plentiful purple talent that contributes to the UK and global economies.


We are uniquely placed to do this because of our 10 years of experience in how employers can build conversations between and across internal disability employee networks – and because we build the leadership capacity of the internal ‘change agents’.


Whether your organisation wants to up-skill a number of employee network members, you’re setting up a new disability network or resource group or you work in a senior disability ally or champion role, we have a range of membership options to help you to develop inner disability confidence for yourself and your organisation.


PurpleSpace was founded in 2015 by Kate Nash OBE, the world’s leading disability networkologist.

At PurpleSpace we consider ourselves a community committed to helping other disabled people to develop their disability confidence.

From time to time we share our knowledge and experience to develop free resources and guides to help disabled employees, disability networks, allies and champions and those organisations who employ them to build inner disability confidence.

Visit our resources section where you can download a number of free guides on different aspects of disability and business. Topics include our tips for building personal disability confidence, developing storytelling skills and advice for disability network leaders, allies and champions.v