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START Ability Services

Are you looking for support with impairment related issues? Does your organisation need support to maximize the potential of your workforce? Are you looking for effective solutions to embed co-production in your work?

START Ability, which hosts the Association of Disabled Professionals (ADP), has provided bespoke equality training and monitoring services for a wide variety of organisations.


Kath is able to engage audiences from diverse backgrounds and provide common sense, practical advice and support to enable organisations to remove any barriers to the participation of disabled people. Indeed, as a result, we have provided support and consultancy to the following organisations:

NHS Trusts, CCGs and local authorities;

Employment and Business Support Agencies;

Educational establishments and professional bodies;

Local, regional and national charities and voluntary organisations; and

Small, medium and large businesses.

We also host an award winning national Work Advice Service, which continues the work of the long established ADP and their Disabled Entrepreneurs Network.

Our work is strengthened by our involvement in various Steering Groups and Committees relating to inclusive education, barriers to employment for disabled people and the implementation of independent living strategies, as well as Kath’s work as a member of more than one Guideline Committee for the NICE Collaborating Centre and her membership of the Social Care Institute for Excellence’s Co-Production, Equalities and Human Rights Steering Group and their Co-production Network.

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